A New Year

The new year is always a time of hope for me-I’m always ready to start fresh and begin something new, even if the old year was a good one that ended well. Though there are always many wonderful things to celebrate and joys to anticipate in a new year, the years now seem hold more sorrows and un-looked for changes than has been their wont-the price of getting older I suspect.

2011 heralded the beginning of school for our oldest granddaughter-a proud moment, though it amazed me how quickly the first 5 years of her life flew by. It was the first year of my retirement, which was wonderful, but also a bigger adjustment than I had anticipated. Ups and downs with our family reminded us that no matter how old your kids are, you never really stop being a parent. We welcomed new loved ones into our family and lost others. We mourned a never-known grand-niece born into heaven at the beginning of the year and said goodbye to a beloved father and aunt at the end of it. But true to His promise, God is always with us and never gives more than we can bear, gently reminding us to look and see him at our side. The seemingly unbearable has been tempered with the unexpected promise of a new grandchild in the coming summer.

I look forward to 2012  with both excitement and trepidation, knowing that whatever comes we will weather it, because He loves us and  His grace covers all in Christ alone.


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