Coffee Hot

Recently, I was inspired by both my caffiene addiction and my love of  The Lord of the Rings to pen an ode to the bean–with profuse apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien:

The Hot Coffee Song

Sing yay! For the cup at dawn of day

That washes the morning breath away.

A loon is he that will not sing-

O! Coffee hot is a noble thing!


O! Sweet is the thought of sleeping in,

And hitting the snooze alarm again,

But almost as sweet as sleep and dreams

Is coffee hot that smokes and steams.


O! water hot we may pour at need

O’er a soggy tea bag and be glad indeed

But better than tea at the crack of dawn

Is coffee hot poured while I yawn.


O! Coffee’s ok as cappucino

latte, espresso or frappacino,

but never will Starbucks treats be finer

than hot morning coffee and my recliner!

 Ok-I’m not a poet, and I am more than a little silly sometimes, but frankly we could use a little silly in this world-along with a big hot cup of joe.


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